Current Projects

Double Tree 17th Floor Addition

The newest addition to Tallahassee downtown sky line will be the addition of a 17th Floor on the Double Tree Hotel. The project will consist of outdoor deck and seating areas, high end bar and seating, event space and an exterior floating elevator system. The exterior of the building will be a prefabricated panelized system. The structure will be structural steel and composite decking. The modern structure will be added to the existing 16th floor of the facility.

Dunkin' Donuts #7 and #8

This is our 7th and 8th project working with Dunkin Donuts. The projects are a redevelopment of sites which include demolition of existing buildings, site work, and construction of multi-tenant and single tenant buildings.

First Commerce Credit Union, Valdosta

This project consists of modern architecture and finishes including aluminum panels, unique brick details, tower elements, and a drive through and virtual teller machines. The interiors will follow the branding and design requirements for FCCU and will include a conference/community room, vaulted ceiling space and a high finish level.

Summit Group Offices

The Summit Group Offices project will consist of Class A office, administration, accounting and support functions space for the Summit Group. The project is located in the second floor of the newly completed Building D at Bannerman Crossings Complex.

First American Title Renovations: Northview Building

The renovations to the First American Title building will provide for new office suites, repurposing of the existing lobby, emergency power alterations, new server rooms and additional reconfiguration to support new space plan requirements of First American Title.

FSU Black Student Union

The Florida State University Black Student Union is an approximately 6,500 square foot two story facility that will be the new home of the University's Black Student Union as well as the African American Studies Program. The building is located at 921 W. Jefferson St. and will house exhibit space, a student lounge, a large multipurpose room for classes and events, a kitchen, conference room and staff offices.

Please watch our progress at the following link:

FSU Child Care Center Relocation

The Florida State University Child Care Center Relocation Project will renovate the old "Renegade Stables" on Copeland Street into a new state of the art Child Care facility for the purposes of relocating that University service to a new location closer to campus. The renovated space was converted to office space years ago and this repurposing will consist of the creation of six new classrooms, nap rooms for infants, new play facilities and new office, administration, conference and support space. 

Westgate Units 12 & 13

Westgate Units 12 & 13 buildings are designed to house low income, disadvantaged  and persons experiencing homelessness. The buildings have kitchenettes, residence rooms, washer/dryer facilities and 10 private bedroom/bathroom combination units. The facility is fully sprinklered with fire alarm systems. The complex will have a gated entrance and privacy fencing around the property perimeter. The campus has a neighborhood feel and each building has similar exterior materials to create a harmonious look. 

Dunkin' Donuts #6

This project will be the new home of a Dunkin Donuts. The project also consists of additional retail space. This is one of many past projects completed for Dunkin in the Tallahassee Market. 

Meenan Law Firm - Plaza Towers

The Meenan Law Firm's new offices will reside at the base of the Plaza Towers in the Kleman Plaza area. This buildout is comprised of nearly 10,000 square feet of Class A space with high level finish materials. This project has also included some waterproofing and building exterior improvements as well. The new space will support legal and legislative activities and includes attorney and lobbyist offices, administrative offices, support space,and conference rooms.

Florida Sheriff's Risk Management Fund Headquarters

The Florida Sheriff's Risk Management Fund Headquarters is located at the Summit East Office Park. The project consists of a 25,000 square foot two story building that will host all functions for the client. The building will house training and staffing for the agency. The project is being built to green standards and will have a combination of exterior drainagable EIFS systems, masonry, glass curtain wall and metal panels. The finishes are consistent with Class A office space.

FSU Haskins Circulation Improvements

The FSU Haskins project consists of a wide array of hardscape improvements including new precast bridges that allow pedestrian mobility as well as improved storm water flow. The parking lot is being upgraded along with parking and pedestrian lighting, walkways, pavers, new landscaping and an overall and significant improvement to the area including improvements to the Circus complex grounds directly adjacent to the area. Of specific interest is the precast bridge system that spans the box culvert systems that carry stormwater through a significant area of campus.

James Residence

This custom designed home is located on an in-fill lot on what was once a City right of way easement in a well established neighborhood.  It has a contemporary flair but has many unique and hidden features.  The home is designed to have a near “net zero” impact on our environment and will leave virtually no “carbon footprint”.  Highly efficient SIPs wall and roof panels provide incredible insulation values, a 32Kw photovoltaic roof array generates most of the energy needed to operate the home and at peak times the excess produced energy will be sold back to our local utility provider.  The exterior envelope is constructed with low maintenance, long lasting products such as Hardie siding, exposed CMU block, and metal roofing.  The two most energy consuming appliances (HVAC and water heater) are cutting edge highly efficient and take advantage of the photovoltaic array’s energy production.  Every component of this home has been evaluated for efficiency, good building practices, and sustainable attributes.

FSU Strozier Library AHU Replacement

The FSU Strozier Library Annex AHU Replacement & Renovation is a three-phased project consisting of AHU and ductwork replacement as well as remodeling of Strozier Library Annex 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Renovations are inclusive of new furred drywall walls, existing plaster patching, paint, carpet, exposed ductwork and ceiling structure, LED linear lighting and new bottle-filler electric water coolers. Individual private study cubicles were removed and replaced with more modern furniture and furnishings. Life-safety features and mechanical system controls were also updated throughout.